Raum 16
Mi, 25.03.2020 
12:15 bis 13:45 Uhr

Neue Paradigmen im Glaukommanagement

German with an English PowerPoint Presentation

Exploring a new pathway to address unmet needs in glaucoma management
Professor Norbert Pfeiffer
Welcome and outline of meeting objectives
Professor Carl Erb
How can we continue to improve care for our glaucoma and ocular hypertension patients?
Professor Norbert Pfeiffer
Targeting the RHO kinase pathway to support trabecular meshwork function
Professor Hagen Thieme
Netarsudil: The road to discovery
Professor Lutz Pillunat
Personalised glaucoma management  
Professor Norbert Pfeiffer
Questions from the audience, and panel discussion
Professor Norbert Pfeiffer
Meeting close


Ioana Grobeiu, Director Medical Affairs Europe
E-Mail: igrobeiu@aeriepharma.com
Tel. 0911 273 12410
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